Recycled Vintage Tin Pins from My BigSurRecycled line of jewelry


Welcome to my gallery of recycled vintage tin pins. Remember, this is fun art, not fine art, fun jewelry, not fine jewelry.

I create these pins using old vintage tins that I have salvaged, collected, or been given. I cut, flatten, and shape the pieces of recycled tin into new forms, using all the same methods and tools as I would if I were working with fine metals like silver or gold. I also add texture to these recycled pieces by pressing designs into the tin and often add patinas to create coordinating colors. It’s a real process of transformation that occurs with the creation of each new piece and very little is left to go to the landfill and that’s rewarding!

Take a look and as always, I appreciate your comments and many of You have offered some very good ideas as I move through this art adventure. If you see something you need or like please for now either private message me on my Facebook page Disheveled Edge by Cynthia Inson or via email at I will eventually figure out how to add a Paypal button and create a shopping cart but I’m not there yet. Thanks for you support and patience.





Recycled Tin Jewelry Image Gallery of Bracelets

Welcome to the first edition of my image gallery for available recycled tin cuff bracelets from my jewelry line BigSurRecycled. Enjoy, let me know if you see one that you have questions about. Each one is created from old vintage tin containers that have been salvaged, recycled, or gifted. You can either go to my Facebook page Disheveled Edge by Cynthia Inson and send me a private message or email me at As I become better at this I am sure there will be a more direct way to select and purchase but baby steps for now.